Perth Cultural Centre

The Perth Cultural Centre is the principle hub of culture, arts and education in Perth. It is one of the largest, most commercially important and strategically located innercity precincts adjacent to the city’s major public transport infrastructure, however for many years the area has suffered from a lack of activity and image problems.

The Place Plan aims to breathe new life into the Cultural Centre with a new sense of energy, flavour and vitality. The master plan is the result of extensive engagement with a wide range of stakeholders connected to the Cultural Centre and includes a number of high profile cultural institutions; the Art Gallery of Western Australia, State Library of Western Australia, Western Australia Museum, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, State Theatre Centre and Central Institute of Technology.
MRA (formerly EPRA) commissioned local and international expertise to inspire creative and innovative thinking. Internationally renowned People for Public Spaces (PPS) guided the stakeholder engagement process. PPS and the consultant team of urban design, planning, landscape, engineering ad marketing professionals collectively interpreted stakeholder ideas into practical outcomes.

The plan is not a programme for simple cosmetic improvements to the Cultural Centre, but a holistic approach to the future planning and implementation of specific actions and strategies that have been identified to achieve short, medium and long term goals for the Cultural Centre.

A number of spaces within the Cultural Centre were established through a ‘place based’ strategy for creating a series of major and minor destinations throughout the public realm areas of the Cultural Centre thereby providing a variety of new attractors to encourage a broader participation and create more reasons for people to remain and enjoy the place.

It was important also to strengthen the physical presence and identity of each of the institutes and open and activate building edges to enhance the institutes presence within the
public realm.

This also involved identifying development sites that couldpotentially improve the institutes’ identity and ‘entry connection’ providing porosity, transparency and place the cultural institutes ‘on display’ to attract greater patronage.

The Perth Cultural Centre place plan incorporated the Central Institute of TAFE ‘Campus’ and was considered instrumental in providing an increased population to the area through potential student accommodation development opportunities, encouraging community, safer environments, extended evening ‘life’ and activities and an integration of facilities, education and cultures.

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Project Number

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Completed 2011


Key Personnel
Paul Jones, Glenn Russell

Services Provided
Masterplanning and Concept Design

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (08) 6557 070

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