Perth City Link

The Perth City Link project comprised the master planning of the Central Railway Precinct between the Horseshoe Bridge and the Mitchell Freeway and between Roe Street and Wellington Street.

A unique opportunity to reconnect central Perth with Northbridge and to create a dynamic new urban precinct where shops, offices, apartments, services, entertainment and high quality transport come together.

This area of land has long been considered as part of the great divide that has separated Perth from Northbridge for over 100 years.

This EPRA project encompasses the sinking of the Fremantle Rail Line between the Perth Central Station and Lake Street and the undergrounding of the Wellington Street Bus Station. Providing the opportunity for at-grade connections, allowing the City to merge with Northbridge.

With the removal of the great divide the Perth City Link Master Plan provides the opportunity to regenerate a neglected area of central Perth with the creation of places for people and the provision of a vibrant public space network with a rich urban form.

Perth City Link project required identifying a number of precincts within the overall development that would serve to link Perth city with Northbridge through active cross streets, squares and laneways.

There was the need to promote a sense of community in the public realm through street and laneway activation to create vibrant, diverse, interactive and safe places and destinations.
The public spaces were defined and design recommendations that support the activities envisioned for each destination.

There was a need to blend the two formerly separate ‘neighbourhoods’ together to provide significantly greater opportunities for each district to thrive at a much higher level and establish the link development as a major destination within the larger city context and community, enabling a cohesive district where anchor attractions entice visitors for prolonged experiences and return visits.

PCL project required extensive investigative analysis of the sites surrounding the ‘precinct’, the adaptation of ‘place planning’ principles, development plan context, infrastructure implantation/integration and business case studies to be developed in tandem to produce a number of ‘guidelines’ and ‘character’ policies for the entire site, and an overall intended vision as a platform for prospective developers and stakeholders.

The team each performed an active and ongoing role in the master planning, establishment of the design guidelines and the visionary guidelines for the project. JCYs involvement on this project continues was extended into studies of the place planning of the public realm within each of the public squares, City Square, and the Perth Train Station, and the connectivity and revitalization studies for the Perth Cultural Centre.

JCY’s initial role was to investigate the opportunities and constraints and to develop an exciting vision that maximises the potential of the new spaces created by the sinking of the railway lines and then to participate in the approvals of the ensuing projects in order to maintain that vision.

The Master Plan was carried out for EPRA with strong interface with Perth City Council and WAPC with statutory planning input from separate consultants.

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Project Number

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Masterplanning and Infrastructure Complete


Key Personnel
Paul Jones, Glenn Russell, Ian Hart

Services Provided
Masterplanning, Design Guidelines, Vision Keeping, Masterplanning / Place Plan Studies for Yagan Square

Reid Ballantine , Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Tel: (08) 6557 0700

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