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Peron Training Centre is located on a remnant corner of the Gilmore College Site in Orelia, WA and is a federally funded project which will be operated by the school and Challenger Institute of Technology TAFE/ACEPT which are the Registered Training Organisations for the project. The centre will accommodate secondary students from years 9 to 12 who will access vocational education and training in the operation and management of process engineering plants typically found in the oil, gas and chemical engineering industry and will be operational in the 2017 school year.

While linked to the existing campus visually through a base colour palette, this building also has its own unique identity and will operate as a demonstrative centre of excellence linked to ACEPT and Challenger Institute of Technology. The building has been designed so that it can also operate independently of the school after hours by discreetly closing two gates which then allow secure access to the facility without accessing the school grounds.

The centre is clad in self finished materials so that no painting will be required and central to its function is a spacious gathering and display space with large windows to all the workshops and laboratories allowing a high focus on the promotion of excellence in education in the field of oil and gas.

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Project Number

Department of Education

Construction Complete SP1 April 2016, SP2 July 2016

Gilmore College, Dargin Place, Orelia WA 6167

Key Personnel
Libby Guj, Will Thomson, Jason Welten, Andy Boyatzis

Services Provided
Masterplanning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration, Interior Design

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