Jervis Rise Apartments

This Baldivis site is ideally located for an affordable residential development located at the junction of Sherry Street and Nairne Drive, approximately 400m from the Baldivis Town Centre and all its associated amenities.

The proposed 3-storey development is for 51 affordable residential dwellings, providing a diverse range of accommodation types for a wide range of people. The scale and massing of the development reflects the transition between the Town Centre and the single storey residential areas to the north of the site.

The dwellings have been orientated to address the public realm and provide interactive edges to the street with windows to living areas and bedrooms and outdoor living areas and balconies all looking directly on to Nairn drive and Sherry Street to provide opportunities for passive surveillance.

All ground floor dwellings fronting onto Nairn drive and Sherry Street are provided with direct access to the public streets. The front courtyards to the dwellings have low masonry walls with a slatted screen above to facilitate visual connection to the street from the ground floor dwellings. The front setback will incorporate soft landscaping to the front courtyards.

The ground level interface with Nairn drive will be punctuated with 3no clearly identifiable pedestrian entries, with a 4th pedestrian entry provided adjacent to the vehicle access off Sherry Street. The mail boxes for the development are provided at the northern and southern entries off Nairn Drive.

The arrangement of the development has been based on the principles of a ‘walking community’ with all dwellings being accessed off the communal walkways via the semi-private internal courtyards. The internal courtyards also provide a location for bicycle storage, AC condenser units and clothes drying facilities as well as access to the 4m² residential stores.

All dwellings are provided with an Outdoor Living Area (either a ground floor Terrace or upper floor Balcony) with a minimum area of 10m², accessed directly from the living area and from main bedroom.

The Construction methodology is envisaged to be of a traditional system with concrete slabs spanning between double cavity masonry walls (a mix of rendered and face brickwork), and metal framed roofing for the main buildings. Other construction materials such as concrete, lightweight stud frame with weatherboard cladding, metal cladding, glazed windows, composite timber screens & custom patterned perforated metal screens have been selected to make up the remaining materials and finishes palette – creating warm & rich textural facades to the building.

Due to the configuration of the site, it is not possible to orientate the dwellings facing north; however, the dwellings have been designed to respond to the conditions of the local climate with the implementation of sustainable living solutions, including passive solar heating, cooling, cross-ventilation and day-lighting strategies. All dwellings will enjoy excellent cross-ventilation and dual aspect design.

The proposed development has been designed to provide a safe environment for all residents and visitors and will contribute positively to the enhancement of public safety and the development of a secure and friendly neighbourhood.


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Project Number

Access Housing

Construction completed August 2017

1 Sherry Street, Baldivis Town Centre

$11 million

Key Personnel
Ian Hart, Anna Vuckovic, Eka Pujianto

Services Provided
Masterplanning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration, Interior design

Su Groome, General Manager Property Assets

Number of Levels

Facilities Provided
51 residential apartments including 2no Accessible 1-Bed dwellings and a mix of 1-Bed, 2-Bed 1-Bath and 2-Bed 2-Bath dwellings

Construction / Materials
Face brickwork, rendered masonry, FC cladding, perforated aluminium screens, aluminium fencing and aluminium windows

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