Frasers Sales Pavilion

The Frasers Sales Pavilion is located within the natural setting of the Coodanup bushland, part of the new community development of Mandurah set on the picturesque wooded banks of the Serpentine River. The new Frasers Sales Pavilion provides a contemporary display suite for the sale of the residential units within the new hamlets created within this new community along with office accommodation for the Frasers Property Group.

The pavilion has been created to provide a simple elegant building with a modernist appeal, minimal lines and ‘Miesian’ simplicity. The design of the pavilion sources inspiration from the minimalist Miesian and traditional Japanese pavilions, with a simple structure and the ‘floating’ roof plane. Roof pitch has been kept to a minimum with large timber lined eaves surrounding the central ‘glass display box’.

The ground floor provides a large display area for the exhibition of the residential units and community hamlets of the Coodanup region, displayed within high ceilings, a saturation of natural lighting and simple perimeter landscaping and water features. Internally timber tree trunks are installed as columned clusters integrating the natural environment within this display setting.
Materials and finishes throughout the pavilion have been carefully selected to provide a clean uncluttered space in which to view the displays and the surrounding landscape. Polished concrete floor finishes, wall to ceiling glass with minimal obstructing framework, timber decking and simple boxed display cases are carefully ‘ordered’ and aligned within the ground floor exhibition space. Internal subtle graphic displays, textured surfaces and colours have been designed and selected to reflect the surrounding flora and fauna and not tarnish the existing setting with the ‘suburban’.

In time, with the future establishment of the surrounding landscape, the glass pavilion is intended to sympathetically integrate within a forest undergrowth, reflecting its beautiful surroundings and transparently integrating into the new community development. The Frasers Sales Pavilion provides an archetype exemplar for the future development of Coodanup and the Mandurah region.

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Project Number

Frasers Property Group

Complete March 2009

1 Landings Boulevard, Mandurah

Key Personnel
Paul Jones, Glenn Russell, Jo Evans, Stephen Pennock

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Map Address
1 Landings Boulevard, Mandurah

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