East Perth Power Station

Unused since December 1981, the East Perth Power Station occupies a unique riverside site bounded by Graham Farmer freeway to the south and East Parade to the West.

The density of traffic along the surrounding streets has long acted to isolate this waterfront site from surrounding developments, the unused power station forming the core of the precinct while the surrounding landscape consists of broad swathes of vegetated and cleared land.

The redevelopment of the East Perth Power Station represents an opportunity apply the latest mixed use design principles to create an interactive residential and cultural node, reinvigorating existing heritage buildings and reforging the link between this unique site and the larger urban context.

This draft Masterplan builds on the original vision statememt for the East Perth Power Station that was released for community comment in late 2004. In keeping with the vision development process, the East Perth Redevelopment Authority consulted extensively with stakeholders and the wider community asking for, in particular, to comment on options for the redevelopment. From this, it was clear that there is widespread support for the reuse of the East Perth Power Station and redevelopment of the surrounding land.

As well as creating an opportunity to incorporate recent trends in sustainable and transit oriented development, the East Perth Power station project represents a chance to examine new directions in inner city demographics and future trends in urban living. As a result of these changes, the East Perth Redevelopment Authority has re-assessed the vision and land use of this outstanding riverside site with particular focus on residential living and its connection to surrounding and local cultural and commercial facilities.

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Project Number

East Perth Redevelopment Authority

Complete 2009

Key Personnel
Paul Jones, Peter Hobbs, Ian Hart

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