Atwell College


Atwell College is an innovative and dynamic new school in Perth’s southern suburbs which is founded on the principles of ‘inclusivity and diversity’.  This new ‘education village’ brings together some 1800 students including 70 high needs students to share in a vibrant educational environment.  The village includes the Kim Beazley Learning Community for high needs students, 6 learning communities (Years 7 to 12), science, arts, food technology and associated learning spaces, recreation facilities, administration, performing arts and media, a café, library and student services.

It is the library, the café and student services that form the heart of this learning community.  Located in the centre of the village and equidistant from all other buildings this pavilion is a wonderfully unique and vibrant place with the flexible and voluminous library space speared by the long café and student services element.  The location and configuration of the café relates strongly to the library as well as to the performing arts building which opens out to an outdoor stage.

The library, café and student services building have brought a new dimension to the school concept in Western Australia focussing on diversity in learning and knowledge access.  Communication, debate, technology, wireless access and mobility are principles of how this building operates.  The building is a gateway to the world for all students both physically and virtually.  This hub extends itself into all parts of the school and onward into the homes of the school community through IT and the creation of a desire to gain knowledge and learn.

The patterned and sculpted buildings which form the school campus are knitted together on the ground plain by a hyper black and white paving pattern reminiscent of the wonderful paving on Rio de Janeiro’s expansive beachside pavements changing what would otherwise be a commonplace perspective.

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Project Number

Department of Education

Completed 2009

201 Brenchley Dr Atwell WA 6164

$36 million (2009 prices)

Key Personnel
Libby Guj, John Sullivan, Josephine Evans, Nicola Brennan, Finnbar Ingram, Hean Wei Phay, Erica Thomson

Services Provided
Masterplanning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration, Interior design

Ros Marsland Tel: (08) 9264 4111

2009 AIA Public Architecture Award

Gross Floor Area
144,000 square metre

Number of Levels
Mainly single level

Facilities Provided
Learning communities including the Kim Beasley Learning Community for high needs students, science laboratories, café, library, administration, student services, extensive IT infrastructure, fully operational theatre and media centre, music training facilities, large gymnasium and sporting ovals and extensive home economics and Design & Technology capacity

Construction / Materials
Colorbond Sheeting, Tilt up Concrete Panels, Brick work, Ceramic Tiles

$36 million

Construction Period
1 year

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