ATCO Offices Melbourne

The proposal for the new Dandenong office for ATCO Structures & Logistics Melbourne is designed as a two storey facility, incorporating general office areas, staff facilities and facilities to best display the production and operation of ATCO.


Given the limited views and outlook to the local surroundings and the industrial nature of the site, the proposed design has been spatially arranged around a central void providing an alternative centralised courtyard focal point for the office workplace, reception, production display room and main boardroom.  This is formalised as a negative space cut into the building providing both outlook and a source of natural light, thereby improving the internal working environment.


The ground floor comprises the main entry and reception area, staff facilities and the main production display room, all orientated around the central garden and light-well as the core centre-piece.  Entry into the ground floor from the parking area is via a ramped entry platform and through the central garden.


The upper floor is similarly planned around the central void incorporating enclosed offices, open plan workstations, meeting rooms and staff facilities with glazed walls to allow visibility into the central court. The main boardroom is located adjacent the void with an outlook onto the garden and entry below.  A small external terrace at the upper level can serve as an external breakout space for functions and staff offering alternative informal spaces.  The nature of these spaces can also provide alternative areas for informal meetings, corporate functions or simply a ‘space’ to break away from the internal office environment, promoting a healthy work environment and office culture. Some reference images of similar spaces have been included further within this report.


The ATCO branding colours have been used as a graphic representation of these core spatial arrangements, identifying the central void with the ‘white’ space within the main built form represented by the strong ‘black’ external identity. Bright ‘yellow’ accents are provided to the central band of the first floor level, the front facade and recessed upper terrace and main boardroom, screened with the black mesh skin, which filters light into the internal environment.


Materials have been selected to provide a contemporary and simple palette of finishes represented through flat pan metal cladding, painted steelwork, and anodised / powdercoated finishes – incorporating the ATCO corporate colours.


The design suggests a bold interpretation of the pre-fab architectural typology inherent within the ATCO products offering a contemporary office facility and working office environment. We see this design as providing ATCO with a superior work environment which will showcase ATCO’s production and construction ability and provide a showpiece for marketing.

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Commercial Office / Prefab Construction

Project Number


Conceptual Design


Key Personnel
Glenn Russell, Andrew Rogerson

Services Provided
Concept Design

Number of Levels
2 Levels

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