• 2016

    Architecture Award in the Educational Architecture Category, AIA (WA) Architecture Awards.
    Shortlisted in Educational Architectural Category, AIA National Architecture Awards.
    Winner in the Galvanizing Excellence Awards Large Projects Category, Galvanizers Association of Australia


    Concrete Institute of Australia (WA) Building of the Year.
    Award for Professional Excellence, AIB Awards.
    National Award for Professional Excellence, AIB Awards.
    Winner Best Education Building over $20m, Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards.
    Master Builders Commercial Building under $50m.
    Master Builders Sub Contractor of the Year Award.
    Shortlisted for WAF Higher Education and Research Award.
    Shortlisted for National Concrete Institute of Australia, National Building of the Year.
    Shortlisted for WAN Metal in Architecture Award.


  • 2016

    Winner for Steel Excellence in Steel Clad Structures, ASI (WA) Steel Excellence Awards.
    Shortlisted for Steel Excellence in Steel Clad Structures, ASI National Steel Excellence Awards.
    Commendation for Educational Architecture, AIA (WA) Architecture Awards.

  • 2015

    Shortlisted for WAF Completed Buildings – Schools Award.


    AIA (WA) Award for Public Architecture.
    AIA (WA) Commendation Sustainable Architecture.
    IDA Gold Award Shortlisted.
    WAF Inside Awards.
    CEFPI Australasian Awards, Certificate of Commendation.
    Dulux Colour Award, Shortlist.
    Steel Institute of Australia, High Commendation.

  • 2013

    RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) International Award for Architecture.
    AIA Public Architecture, Commendation Residential Architecture.

  • 2012

    AIA Award for Public Architecture.
    Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture.
    WAN Awards, Shortlist for Education.


    WAF Awards, Shortlist for Education.

  • 2012

    UDIA Rising Star Award for Excellence, Residential Development Under 250 Lots.

  • 2012

    The Ross Chisholm Award for Commercial Architecture.

  • 2012

    Architectural Award, Commercial Architecture (joint venture with Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects).