Our project delivery involves a series of processes that are interlinked and allow design, modelling, analysis, review, validation and collaboration to be undertaken using the most appropriate and best technical methodologies available to provide superior design solutions.

Collaboration between participants throughout projects is pivotal to the efficiency of delivery and success of the outcome. A major component of the collaboration required is the ability to communicate, re-use and share data efficiently without loss, contradiction or misinterpretation during the design, documentation and construction stages of the project.

JCY recognise that significant benefits are available to our clients when an integrated project delivery (IPD) is utilised on the project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an IPD process for sharing key physical and functional characteristics digitally before it is built.

The ability of a multi-disciplinary team, including architects, engineers, builders, contractors and subcontractors, to work with an integrated BIM model for the design, documentation and construction of a project can provide substantial efficiencies to the project as well as ensuring higher quality, clearly understood, design. Our design and delivery process ensures these two vital outcomes are consistently provided on all projects.

JCY has been actively implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) throughout the design and documentation process to help improve the quality, efficiency, management and long term performance of our projects since 2009. We believe that it is important that our clients understand what BIM means and the value it adds, including design interrogation, value of asset management, whole-of-life-cycle benefits and the concurrent reduction of owner risk.

JCY has undertaken many varied projects within the BIM environment, and has developed a series of standard documents to assist in the management of BIM projects, including:-

  • JCY Revit Standards Manual;
  • JCY Revit Documentation Standards; and
  • JCY BIM Management Plan template

JCY is a Practice which focuses around team structures within each BIM Project a Project Director, Design Architect, Project Architect, BIM Manager, Model Manager are assigned as well as Modellers. This team structure aids in the implementation of project specific training, procedures, coordination, communication to help workflows in BIM Projects.

Each project is unique and has it’s own specific requirements, as such, a Project Strategy is to be developed for all JCY BIM Projects. The Project BIM Strategy is to be set-up by the Project Model Manager in association with the JCY BIM Manager and shall identify key information on how BIM will be implemented and used on the project.

JCY use a variety of software in preparing our design solutions, including Google SketchUp, 3D Studio Max and Adobe Creative Suite, in addition to crafted hand-drawn investigation. 3D visualisation is taken further on each design, utilising our in-house 3d Artist whose role is to assist the design process, rather than the output of marketing imagery.  Software utilised within our BIM Projects includes:-

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Ideate BIMlink
  • Google SketchUp
  • 3D StudioMAX
  • VRay
  • Microsoft Project

These systems and processes allow JCY to design, model, analyse, review, validate and collaborate at all stages of the design project, enabling reporting of desired metrics of yield, area, programme and functional requirements to be provided as required, such that projects are delivered to a high standard at all times.