Fremantle College nears completion


The latest milestone in the delivery of JCYs Fremantle College project was recently achieved, with Separable Portion 1 achieving PC on the 12th July. This stage of works was for a completely new facility, constructed to the North-East corner of the South Fremantle SHS site as a prominent new Architectural landmark to the schools frontage.

The newly completed facilities include a new Performing Arts Facility, Student Services, 16 General Learning Areas and 6 Science Labs with supporting Staff Studies and Lab Preparation Facilities.

The building was designed to sit in an amongst an existing grove of mature trees on the Eastern-most bank of the school entry lawn, with the façade composed of a series of solid and mirrored pre-finished panels, creating a dynamic elevation with varying degrees of solidity and transparency.

The Performing Arts Facility addresses the school entry and is clad in an ornately patterned corten screen which was designed to reflect motifs derived from the architecture of both South Fremantle and Hamilton Senior High School’s whom are amalgamating for the 2018 school year to create the new College.

SP1 followed shortly after the completion of Separable Portion 3 on 30th June, which provided major refurbishment of several existing school blocks to create new Arts and Humanities Teaching Blocks and a new Cafeteria, whilst SP4 is currently under construction to provide a new Commercial Kitchen Teaching Facility and major refurbishment of existing Science and Staffroom Areas within further areas of the existing school.

SP4 is due for completion in mid-November, with the new school opening in February 2018.