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JSB / Meyer and Modular Factory Tours

In June this year, JCY Principal, Glenn Russell attended a brief yet informative visit to the factories of two international lighting manufacturers to gain greater knowledge of the ins and outs of their products and how we may creatively integrate their fittings to optimize their effects within our future projects.

The intensive itinerary commenced with a visit to the Meyer factory in Hemer, outside of Cologne, Germany for an in-situ visual display and value insight into the effects of their exterior LED light fittings. Meyer was founded in 1946, originally established in the manufacture of household appliances transitioning to specialise in the development and production of technical lighting products for industry and the construction sector.

An extensive tour of the Meyer factory was conducted the following day, providing insight into the enormous precision in manufacturing, research, testing and assembling of these high performance light fittings – a testament to the success of German precision and engineering. Today Meyer is a major manufacturer of exterior lighting products for ambitious architectural lighting projects with a focus on quality and constant technical advancement.

Next up on the itinerary a visit to the Modular Lighting factory in Bruges, Belgium. Modular Lighting Instruments has been a true pioneer in the world of architectural lighting with their bold designs, innovative technology and their gutsy, risqué marketing campaigns.

This bold and vibrant approach to their company’s image and culture was certainly unveiled over the few days spent with Modular. Greeted and transported to the factory via army truck, company product presentations in the themed sets of a school classrooms, sculpture & adult movie studios, paint ball battles between Belgium (modular staff) and Australia and late night discos in army tents were just some of the induction into Modular’s audacious hospitality.

Whilst factory tours provided in-depth training modules encompassing product, application and technology into Modular’s high-end architectural lighting solutions some spare time was provided to absorb some of the beautiful historical site of Bruges.

Modular Lighting is architectural lighting with an attitude!

A couple of days in Ibiza for some R & R saw out the last of the week round tour. Special thanks to JSB Lighting, Mat Carey and Justin Penhall for organizing such an informative & ‘illuminating’ trip!