On the right track


JCY completed the architectural design and delivery of the Joondalup Rain and Bus station in 1992*. The Station is now over 20 years old and still provides an iconic arrival point via rail to the City of Joondalup.

Some 2 and a half years ago a group of gentleman from Pineview National Lifestyle Villages in Tapping wanting to occupy some of their time in their retirement years, (with what was considered a worthwhile and challenging project) to build a model of their local public transport icon.

The 3 Model makers, Don Hunter, Lou Puccinelli and Richard Fry, contacted JCY for our architectural plans and permission from the PTA, to build their 64th scaled model of the station.  From different working backgrounds, the gentleman worked together as a team, putting in odd hours on various days, to complete the model in November this year.

With no architectural or building experience they took one step at a time, working up from “below” ground level, the platform, to which was added stairs, lift and escalators up to the concourse level and then eventually rise up to the roof and support structures.  Adding the finishing touches with the pedestrian walkway, bus roadway and bridge, railway office and shops, walls, platform lighting, buses and bus stops, and handmade models of people completed the project.

From the beginning they had to consider how to get the finished construction out of their assembly room and the model has been designed in such a way that it can be dismantled into sections, however the final problem is still to determine how to get the main structure through a narrow doorway and down a steep flight of stairs.

For resident Richard Fry, seeing the finished result without any unpleasant “labour disputes or strikes,” … just a few sickies! … many laughs, … and then to remember the old saying “great oaks from little acorns grow” was memory of time well spent!

The 3 model makers kindly invited some the JCY team to come and see the model, Andrew and Brett being the original team on the project, and with a few laughs and some lunch, all shared some of their model and architectural stories.  The team of Richard, Don and Lou are justifiably proud of their accomplishment and happy to hear about other residents getting pleasure upon seeing their ongoing progress over the past few years.

A question left open and unanswered was which JCY project will they pursue to build next?




*This project was carried out under the former name of the practice Phillip Cox, Etherington, Coulter & Jones.