Channel 7 – The first Perth TV network to make the move from Dianella


Whilst both Channel 9 and 10 have recently relocated to new premises closer to the city, the new studio for Channel 7, designed by JCY, started the trend when the station moved to their new Herdsman premises in early 2015 to be alongside their stablemate, WA Newspapers.

Newspaper House, also a JCY project, was completed back in 1998 and has become a landmark within the Herdsman industrial area as the flagship of one of Western Australia’s largest public companies. This iconic building was the recipient of several major awards both nationally and internationally.

Channel 7’s new premises are comprised of the ‘concrete box’ studio, constructed from pre-cast concrete panels patterned with a number ‘’7’’ on the external facades.  Also included in the project was a 43m high communication tower.

Given the complex nature of this project, the JCY team, including specialist Consultants liaised closely with the Channel 7, West Australian Newspapers and Broad Construction, as well as a specialist team from Channel 7, to ensure that the overall project ran smoothly and that the outcome met high anticipated expectations.